Aug 8, 2023
Wasps – The Most Painful Of Pests

No one who has ever come across a nest of angry wasps will ever underestimate the potential for these pests to cause great pain or to present a significant problem in any area where they make their home. Wasps, unlike most other pests such as roaches or ants can cause incredibly painful stings and can even present a significant threat to the health of a person who is attacked by a swarm of them,Guest Posting particularly if that person is allergic or otherwise sensitive to their stings. Therefore whenever wasps are found, particularly near places where humans tend to congregate, it is important to begin formulating a wasp control strategy.

There are several predominant species Wasp nest removal of wasps, all with slightly different behaviors and stinging capability. The most common species that one has to deal with in the Southern states is the Yellow jacket. They are rather small when compared to others in the wasp family, however they build large nests and can be incredibly aggressive when threatened or disturbed, often stinging in large swarms, leading to possible health complications resulting from an attack. The other major species of wasps that one might encounter in the south is the paper wasp, so called because it creates nests from a paper like substance that is a combination of wasp saliva and cellulose material. The paper wasp is not nearly as aggressive as the Yellow jacket or the hornet, however it will attack if the nest is threatened, and its sting is potentially as dangerous as the other two varieties of wasps.

The first step in wasp control is to ascertain what species of wasp is causing the problem, after which it is a matter of choosing an appropriate and effective pesticide to treat the nest. The one major problem that you can encounter when trying to eradicate a nest using sprays or other pesticides is that if the ingredients don’t work very rapidly, it can be seen as a serious attack on the nest by the wasps, which will likely attack in retaliation or to protect their nest. Therefore it is of paramount importance to locate a fast acting spray that is specifically designed to quickly eradicate wasps, and to deprive them of an opportunity to attack the person doing the spraying. Because wasps are generally most active during the day, it is also important to attempt any form of wasp control at night, when they are more sluggish and less likely to attack.

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